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Film wipers fulfill a specific purpose – they wipe excess water from the film after processing to prevent water spotting and to accelerate drying. The uncut film is passed between the blades of the wiper. Cutting corners here can often lead to you spending twice as much money, because cheap models don’t always do what they are supposed to. The wipers can leave scratches on the negatives which you first notice after enlargement. At this point it is too late and the damage has been done. Opt for the Kaiser film wiper and you can clear the excess water from your negatives without having to worry about damage. Kaiser sets the highest quality standards. With four soft rubber blades for negatives up to 60 mm wide, remove excess water from your negatives safe in the knowledge that they will remain unharmed. A small tip…hold the film wiper briefly under hot water prior to use. This removes any dust particles and ensures the blades are supple. Width of the rubber blades: 70 mm For films up to a width of: 60 mm Length: 160 mm